Want to Know How to Get Rid of Shoulder Acne?

Acne. Unfortunately, it’s not just on your face; it’s also on your chest, back and even your shoulders. Not only is it frustrating to deal with in those hard to reach areas, but it’s also complicated. What works for your face may not work on other parts of your body, leaving you with a million products from creams and ointments to body scrubs and gels. So how so what do you do? We were curious about the answer. Here is what we found about how to get rid of shoulder acne, home remedies to treat the condition, and more.

How to Get Rid Of Shoulder Acne- Break it Up

The best way to stop shoulder acne in its tracks is to get to the root of the problem. Break up oils, dirt, product buildup, and dead skin by exfoliating daily. This will eliminate acne-causing dirt from clogging your pores. However, exfoliation only handles surface level treatment. Use body wash or other products that contain salicylic acid for a deeper clean to break down dirt, unclog pores and prevent breakouts.

While exfoliation and salicylic acid are great ways to fight breakouts, they aren’t the only ways to get rid of shoulder blemishes. There are numerous helpful skin care habits you can develop and even natural remedies to help. So if you want to know how to get rid of shoulder acne, what’s causing your breakouts, and how to prevent them from reoccurring, keep reading.

Shoulder Acne: Facing the Cause

Knowing the problem is half the battle. If you really want to know how to get rid of shoulder acne, you have to look at the root of the issue first. Oil and dirt can build upon any part of your body. As these impurities and the bacteria they attract build up, they clog up your pores and can cause inflammation of the hair follicle leading to acne. 
However, oil and dirt aren’t the only culprits. Allergic reactions and even excess keratin can lead to acne. Even excess friction from repeatedly wearing tight clothing can cause acne to flare up as tight-fitting clothing can irritate the skin.

Eliminate Potential Acne Causing Triggers

That means the first step of your skincare journey needs to be a process of elimination. Try wearing looser clothes for a period, if you have inexplicable acne. Ask yourself am I prone to oily skin? Switch your body wash, shampoo or conditioner. Try showering immediately after that hour at the gym or replace that old loofah. Chances are you will eliminate the source of your acne. If not, at the very least, you will have removed potential triggers.

Implement a New Routine

As mentioned, the number one culprit for shoulder acne is excess bacterial, oil and dirt. This trio clog pores leading to breakouts and blemishes. The best way to combat this phenomenon will be consistency. We’ve compiled a 5-step skin care routine that will keep the blemishes at bay and the dirt from out of your pores.

Step 1: Keep Your Skin Clean, but Not Too Clean

This first step is a given, but it still needs to be said. Too many times we sit in that sports bra or soaked shirt for an hour after a workout. Or we use that really nice soap that lathers well and smells great even though the perfume might be irritating our skin. To really get rid of shoulder acne, you have to keep your skin clean with the right products. 

Oils can build up on the skin very quickly when you’ve been sweating at the gym or on a hot summer day. So clean your skin after sweating. A quick wipe with a towel or changing into a fresh shirt can make all the difference.

Step 2: Prevent Buildup

No clogged pores means no acne. Eliminate the chances of dead skin cells and dirt blocking your pores by exfoliating regularly. Use a brush or exfoliating mitt to get rid of any lingering skin cells. Be gentle so that you don’t cause further irritation.

Step 3: Dissolve the Dirt

Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid will be your friend. These acne-fighting ingredients break down dirt and oil that are deeper in the skin. Pair these products with your exfoliating brush to really get the best clean.

Step 4: Eliminate

If you complete the steps above to no avail, you may need to eliminate products from your life. As mentioned, harsh perfumed soaps, fabric softeners, conditioners, shampoo, and even lotions can be the source of your shoulder acne. Try switching to unscented laundry detergent or milder products for a month and document your results.

Step 5: Try Home Remedies

Home remedies are popular for a reason. They are affordable, easy to do, and often work better than complex procedures. A more in-depth description of some common acne fighting home remedies is listed below.

How to Get Rid of Shoulder Acne: Natural Remedies

Now that we’ve covered a daily routine to get rid of those blemishes, let’s discuss natural remedies and treatments like apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, oatmeal, and turmeric.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is hailed as a wonder product and with good reason. ACV contains both malic and lactic acid: ingredients that are great for the skin. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties of Apple cider vinegar also make it a great addition to any skincare routine. Simply dilute raw ACV with water in a 1:3 ratio. Store your mixture in a spray bottle, or any container of your choice, and apply it to your face as a tonner. Rinse after 15 minutes.


Turmeric is a yellow spice popular in East Asia. This plant is a staple in many home remedies because of its antiseptic properties. Turmeric masks brighten the skin and won’t irritate the affected area. Mix a teaspoon of water, turmeric powder, and coconut oil into a paste then apply it to your shoulder. 

Wash the mixture off after and repeat the process once a day. Beware turmeric stains. Do not wear your favorite shirt when you use this mask! Believe us, the mustard yellow stains will not come out. Turmeric also makes great tea.

Tea Tree Oil

If you want an all natural product with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, then tea tree oil is probably the right product for you. Not only will it help fight bacteria and acne, but it will also help with inflammation, soreness, and redness. 

You can either mix a few drops of tea tree oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil (which also has antibacterial properties) or apply it with a moist cotton ball. Either way, this home remedy is an easy everyday way to help fight off shoulder acne.


Oatmeal baths are a relaxing way to get clean and treat shoulder acne. This bath will help absorb extra sebum oil from the skin, prevent your pores from clogging and wash away any other impurities. Oatmeal also has anti-inflammatory properties, so an oatmeal bath is a great way to will to reduce the redness, swelling, and irritation associated with acne.

Simply, use one cup of oatmeal and add it to a warm bath. You can soak for as long as you like, but 15 minutes is the optimal amount of time. Pat your skin dry, not rub, when you get out of the bath. The great thing about this remedy is cost effective and you can do it as much or as little as you’d like. Try it once a day for a month and see how it works for your skin.

In Conclusion

How to get rid of shoulder acne? The answer; eliminate. Most acne is caused by a buildup of sebum, dirt, bacteria and other impurities, so the best way to get rid of acne is to make sure the skin is really clean. Exfoliating at least once a weak is the best way to get rid of surface level impurities.

Acne body washes containing Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and glycolic acid can help dissolve the harder to reach dirt, deeper in the skin. However, oil and dirt may not be a problem. Excess friction like repeatedly wearing tight clothing, allergic reactions to products, and even excess keratin can lead to acne. Sometimes you may have to determine the cause of those breakouts by doing the process of elimination.

Opt for gentle shampoos, detergents, and replace your towels and loofas often to make sure that you aren’t inadvertently giving yourself breakouts. Other home remedies like tea tree oil, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and oatmeal baths may also help reduce the appearance or prevalence of shoulder acne.

While the majority of the treatments listed above should address your acne, sometimes they won’t. As with all medical conditions, if your symptoms persist have a conversation with your doctor. In some adults, acne can be a symptom of a more complex hormonal issue or disease requiring medical attention. We hope we answer your question ‘how to get rid of shoulder acne’ and gave you useful tips to combat blemishes.


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