Origins Rose Clay Mask Review

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This Origins Rose Clay Mask review has botanical beginnings. Origins laid deep, eponymous roots in the now flourishing, influencer-approved sustainable skincare trend, and since the brand’s inception in 1990, its ethos–non-toxic, hand selected ingredients backed by science–has remained the same, even as it continues to break barriers. Origins was even the first to launch a product with a 95% organic label; a designation that today we wouldn’t so much as bat an eyelash at.

Perhaps most known for it’s A Perfect World and GinZing lines, the brand has historically led the pack in organic skincare with innovative and targeted formulations.

With on-trend ingredients like Rose Clay and Canadian Willow Herb and the gentle scrubbing power of jojoba beads, this Origins’ Rose Clay Mask review fits the bill to a tee.

What Are the Origins Rose Clay Mask?

From Origins: “Glow big with this innovative 2-in-1 mask! Made with Mediterranean Rose Clay, Canadian Willow Herb and exfoliating Jojoba beads, it helps gently deep clean while refining skin’s texture. Pores appear to vanish. Clarity is restored. Glow is instant.”

This deep cleansing, millennial pink clay mask is a favorite among those with oily or acne-prone skin. However, because it uses Rose clay rather than its more drying counterparts, it’s gentle enough for more sensitive skins, too.

After cleansing, apply and let sit for 10 minutes before gently scrubbing off with its jojoba beads. Make sure to use circular motions to make sure those dead skins cells are sloughing off without causing damage to your skin’s barrier.

Origins’ Rose Clay Mask is an Internet-certified ‘holy grail’, often circulating the Bridal Blogosphere and making its way around YouTube vlogs. Gentle and effective, it’s a favorite among the likes of lifestyle blogger Estée Lalonde and makeup guru Kathleen Lights.

Not to mention, it looks fantastic on a shelf. Let’s look further at the origins rose clay mask review. 

Product Specs

The Multi-tasker Your Vanity Needs

Many Origins Rose Clay Mask reviews overlook this major claim: the Rose Clay Mask is not only a mask but a two-in-one “purifying mask and skin refiner” that will smooth and refine pores while boosting the skin’s overall tone and quality. It hails from the Original Skin line, which is designed to prevent signs of early aging, reversing your skin back to its original state.

The brand describes: “As early as your 20s, skin starts to lose its luster because of everyday environmental stress. A protein change that can lead to dullness and skin needs some extra help to bounce back. Don’t worry! That’s why Origins created Original Skin™. It’s formulated with willowherb to help inhibit that dullness causing protein change and restore your natural, gorgeous glow.”

Millennial Pink That’s Not Just for Show

Its millennial pink color makes the mask an Instagram favorite–scroll #itgtopshelfie if you need further evidence–but it serves a major purpose, too. Rose clay differs from other popular clays on the market like Bentonite, Charcoal, and French Green. Rose clay belongs to the Kaolin clay family, which produces a naturally fine mill, making it suitable even for dry skin. The pink color comes from a naturally occurring iron oxide.

The Mask’s use of Willowherb speaks to Origins’ innovativeness. An ingredient not widely found but vastly praised, it’s a skin-soothing plant extract that naturally draws out and refines pores. It also leaves the skin with a matte texture; a godsend for those with oily complexions.

A Morning Routine Miracle

With mattifying, soothing, and purifying properties, it’s no secret this mask is tech-savvy. But because it takes only 10 minutes in the morning and includes a built-in exfoliating facial, we’re left with no other choice but to hail it as genius. Skin looking dull and tired even after your morning cup of coffee? Is your makeup not applying evenly in the A.M.? Cue Origins Rose Clay Mask.


According to origins rose clay mask review, the mask sits in the middle of the Clay Mask market at around $25. You can purchase it on Origins, at Sephora, and at Ulta.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Origins Rose Clay Mask Review

Price [$$]

Ease of Use [4/5 Stars]

This product skips the tight, hard-to-move-your-mouth pain that accompanies most clay masks, but we found that removing the mask by scrubbing off the jojoba beads takes some effort and getting used to.

Design Quality [4.5/5 Stars]

We love the product’s chic pink color that exactly matches the mask’s formulation. We found it easiest to squeeze the product on the back of the hand before applying it on the face with a designated face mask brush.  

Benefits [5/5 Stars]

We love that this mask is an all-season Multi-tasker; we have enough products on our shelves already! For a deep, gentle cleansing with an added bonus of brightening and tightening, you can’t go wrong with Origins Rose Clay Mask.

Dead Sea Mud Clay Mask Review

The Dead Sea Mud Clay Mask from Grace & Stella Co. is a kaolin-based clay mask ideal for treated congested, acne-prone skin. Packed with minerals sourced from The Dead Sea, this mask detoxifies environmental stressors while repairing the skin’s damaged barrier. This mask features Shea Butter and Aloe Vera, which prevents the clay from stripping the skin’s natural oils.

Price [$]

Ease of Use [3.5/5 Stars]

Apply to the skin, leave until it dries, and wash off. Wax on, wax off. We found it difficult to avoid tugging on the skin when removing the mask; we’d suggest applying a warm washcloth to the face for 10-15 seconds before removal.  

Design Quality [2/5 Stars]

We’re all for sustainable packaging, but we didn’t love the jar on this product. It does come with a small, plastic spatula, but we didn’t find it to be an ideal applicator.

Benefits [3.5/5 Stars] 

We love this mask’s use of Kaolin, the gentler type of clay found in Origin’s Rose Clay Mask, but found it less suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

bareMinerals Dirty Detox Mask Review

From bareMinerals: “A super purifying mud with 4 Mineral-Rich Clays, Charcoal, and Papaya Enzyme for a fresh, ridiculously healthy looking glow. This mineral-rich, beautifying mud gives your skin a fresh, ridiculously healthy looking glow. We harness the benefits of the skin-loving mud—loaded with four mineral-rich Clays, purifying Charcoal, and a refining complex infused with Papaya Enzyme—to help deliver exceptionally smooth, luminous and vibrant skin.”

Price [$$]

Ease of Use [4/5 Stars]

We found this mask’s texture to be the most akin to the gel and cream formulations that we’re used to. The clay is more integrated into the formula than its counterparts, making for the easiest application out of the bunch.

Design Quality [3/5 Stars]

Compared to the design elements on Origins’ Rose Clay Mask, we weren’t as wowed by the standard tub packaging. It does, however, feature a similar light pink color, which we’ll never say no to.

Benefits [4/5 Stars] 

With Papaya Enzyme and four types of mud, this mask delivered a glow we’ve only dreamed of. In fact, we think this would be a great product to switch out with Origins Rose Clay during your weekly skin routine. It isn’t as purifying as other clay masks, so if you’re on the combination side, this may be the perfect one to try.

Michael Todd Kaolin Clay Mask Review

Michael Todd “provides high-efficiency skincare formulations of clinically validated actives and soothing botanicals.” This clay mask is designed to unclog pores, absorb excess oil, and reduce the appearance of pore size. This extra absorbent formula is designed for oily and acnegenic skin.

Price [Rate $$]

Ease of Use [5/5 Stars]

Hurrah, a pump applicator! We loved how simple the application process was, aided in part by the pump, and partly by its rich texture. It was thick enough coat our face with ease but emollient enough to spread like non-clay formulas.

Design Quality [4/5 Stars]

We loved the pump, vibrant purple packaging, and weight to the product, but felt it a tad bulky on our shelf.

Benefits [4.5/5 Stars] 

A fantastic counterpart to the Origins Rose Clay Mask, we noticed similar results after washing this off our skin. Thoroughly clean, refined, and soothed skin is just an application away with this mask. However, this mask isn’t suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

Conclusion: Origins Rose Clay Mask Review 

Mask aficionados, this Origins Rose Clay Mask review is not one to pass up. A dynamic powerhouse that draws out impurities and re-texturizes the skin for a perfectly matte-yet-radiant, makeup ready canvas, this mask is another is a long line of botanical-based innovation from Origins.

A chameleon in your vanity, those with oily, dull complexions and acne-prone skin will swear by this skincare savior in a bottle. The best part? It provides “save it for a rainy day” formulation at a skincare staple price. A no-brainer in our book.

Your Instagram feed will thank us later.

Our rating for the origins rose clay mask review: 4.8/5.


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