Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Review

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Another day, another skincare superstar. Enter our Mary Kay Charcoal Mask review.

With an influx of skincare superfoods, magic ingredients, and scientific breakthroughs greeting your eyes with every Instagram scroll, it's hard to decipher which one is actually worth the buy-and-try. Wondering if a product ridden with claims is worth its salt? We've found it best to look no further than Mother Earth herself.

In this Mary Kay Charcoal Mask review, we'll be digging dip below the surface for a closer look at its standout ingredients. Take activated charcoal for example, which grounds this mask. Activated charcoal is carbon produced from natural materials such as bamboo and coconut husk.

In the process of activation, the charcoal becomes porous, able to hold up to twice its weight in impurities. It naturally draws bacteria, chemicals, pollution, and dirt to the skin's surface, leaving behind that lusted-over, sought-after, glowing skin models across the country are touting on the regular.

A standout in the ClearProof line, this Mary Kay Charcoal Mask review tackles some big promises: it deeply cleanses the skin, immediately reduces shine, and leaves a perfectly matte finish. We've tested you so you don't have to; keep scrolling to see how it delivered.

What Is the Mary Kay Charcoal Mask?

According to Mary Kay, it's best to "think of it like a powerful magnet withdrawing dirt and debris from deep within pores." They continue: "The triple-action mask deeply cleanses the skin, immediately reduces shine and features an effective complex of botanical extracts to help clear the way to beautiful skin."

Oily Yet Dull? Meet Your Maker.

Seasonal and environmental factors play a major role in your skin's overproduction of oil, leading to clogged pores, oily complexions, dull skin, and uneven texture.

Formulated with charcoal, clay, honeysuckle and navy bean extracts, Mary Kay Charcoal Mask is an enzyme to your skin's natural exfoliation process. Kaolin and Bentonite clays boost the charcoal's absorbency, while botanical extracts target discoloration and unevenness.

Two to three times a week, apply an even layer to clean skin and leave for ten to twenty minutes, or until fully it dries. The charcoal immediately penetrates the skin, transforming the mask's consistency from a silky cream when applied to a smooth, matte texture when dried.

The most satisfying part comes right before washing off: seeing all the excess dirt and sebum pulled out of the pores, similar to pulling off a pore strip (but much, much gentler on the skin!). Follow up with your favorite skin balancing serum and hydrating moisturizer, and marvel at how clean and fresh your skin looks in the mirror. Try not to rub too much while staring and gawking in awe.

Product Specs

While scent isn't a make-or-break factor in our book, (we'll trade a medicinal smell for results any day) we were pleasantly surprised to find our senses wrapped in Rosemary and Peppermint extracts. Suddenly, our bathrooms transformed into a luxury Grecian spa.

It didn't stop there, either. While applying, we were treated to a cooling sensation that felt akin to sweeping a jade roller freshly plucked from the refrigerator across the face.

According to the brand, that out of all the Mary Kay Charcoal Mask reviews received, 79% of men and women reported that skin looks clearer after just one use. We're happy to report that we agree. After rinsing, our skin had a post-facial flush and a baby smooth, matte texture. There wasn't a trace of shine or excess oil, and it felt truly clean.


Mary Kay Charcoal Mask falls in the mid-range price scale at around $24 and 4 oz. of product. It can be purchased on Mary Kay, Amazon, or from your local Mary Kay representative.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

Mary Kay Charcoal Mask Review

  • Ease of Use
  • Product Quality
  • Design Quality
  • Price

[5 Stars]

We love how this formula changes from a silky cream to absorbent charcoal throughout the application and wear. No mess, no fuss, and an easy clean-up!

Schills Black Mask Review

Schills Black Mask is a peel-off activated charcoal mask designed to treat acne, rid the skin of blackheads, and regulate oil production. This innovative formula comes with a silicone brush for a smooth and mess-free application, is vegan-friendly, and free of parabens and alcohol.

  • Ease of Use
  • Product Quality
  • Design Quality
  • Price

[3.5 Stars]

Similar to the Mary Kay Charcoal Mask, it's efficient, but the product design didn't 'wow' us.

Origins Charcoal Mask Review

Origins are known for its non-toxic, plant-based, and research-backed products, often paving the way for trendy skincare ingredients to become viral sensations. Their charcoal mask is comprised of activated charcoal, China clay, and Lecithin and targets "deep-dwelling pore-cloggers" and other pollutants. A staple in their Clear Improvement line, they regard the mask as "nature's complexion clean-up crew."

  • Ease of Use
  • Product Quality
  • Design Quality
  • Price


Rocky Mountain Charcoal Mask Review

From Rocky Mountain: "Designed to fight acne, clear pores, and eliminate blackheads, our deep-cleaning mask nourishes, soothes, and cleanses the skin. Complete with black pearl protein powder, our mask improves cell regeneration, promotes firmer skin, evens out skin tone, and reduces pigmentation while reducing dark spots, wrinkles, redness, acne, and signs of aging." With this activated charcoal-based mask, Rocky Mountain claims you can 'finally' say goodbye to acne and blackheads.

  • Ease of Use
  • Product Quality
  • Design Quality
  • Price

[2.5 Stars]

Though simple and timeless in design, it doesn't stand out on a vanity. We appreciated the lack of excess packaging with this mask, and the 4 ounces of product it includes!


Activated charcoal is no stranger to social media, whether it be in the form of skin care, oral care, life hacks, and household recipes. But is this trendy ingredient here for the long haul or an eclipsing phase like Chelsea boots and smoky eyes? After reading our Mary Kay Charcoal Mask review, you'll be convinced that adding charcoal into your daily repertoire is a must.

We often address the stressors plaguing our insides without acknowledging the toll they may take on our skin. This buttery smooth mask can hold up to twice its weight in toxins, freeing your skin of subsequent pollutants. Use as needed and watch as it organically becomes a routine essential, especially for those living in crowded and urban environments.

Not only did it uphold every claim mentioned, but it also exceeded our wildest expectations, gracing us with supermodel, influencer-approved skin. Pre-makeup, it provides a baby smooth, matte canvas, while at nighttime, it affords a clean you can tangibly see. With summer on the horizon, this mask will provide a barrier between your skin and the ever-changing elements, preventing excess oil and keeping the face acne-free. It's confidence to face the day in a convenient squeeze tube, no matter what the weather looks like outside.

Our Mary Kay Charcoal Mask review, summarized? 5 stars. Clear skin, a clear mind, can't lose.

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